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A Bloody Scandal


Rear Admiral Peter Farquarson. RN was somewhat heroic-with the Admiralty's support he had claimed a great victory from what was really only a gunboat skirmish in the South China Sea.
Farquarson was also a bad lot. accused of "wenching, adultery, assault, poaching, theft and" -well, a goodly number of things, and he was guilty as charged. Still, he was handsome and strong of build, and immensely energetic lor a man in his fifties, He'd come triumphantly back to London to. among other matters, see Gwenda. whose maintenance he'd been paying for-and he was much displeased to find her entertaining a fellow in her bedroom. After handling that. Farquarson settled in momentarily at one of his clubs, participated in a few interesting bridge games (Farquarson never played for low stakes in anything), went off for a spot of salmon fishing (in the countryside that he'd known in his youth), and involved a fellow named Jonathan Silver in a bit of house burning.
All in the day's work. With a new very young lady on hand named Pettina-and some after-dinner speeches that shook up even the Lords of the Admiralty. Interesting chap, Farquarson. Not entirely lovable. Somewhat likable though. And frightfully interesting, in a novel that flashes past as fast as a silver Jaguar.

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