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The Disintegration Machine

This book includes the Poison Belt, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's apocalyptic vision of global destruction, prophesying the mass carnage of the First World War.

Cover illustrations by Julian Simpole, former Editor and Artistic Director of Synapsia magazine. Julian, an art prodigy from pre-teenage years when he attracted vast crowds with public demonstrations of his drawing prowess, has had one man shows in Brighton and London. Having majored in Book Design, he went on to become a Guest Lecturer at the Brighton College of Art. His work in particular explores the themes of fantasy and the grotesque.

Unusually for an artist, Marcel Duchamp being the chief exception, Julian has attained Master strength in chess and can play in excess of 20 games at one and the same time with success against club class opposition. His publications include JUNIOR CHESS TRAINING and TRUE DREAMS. Increasingly sought after as a book illustrator , Julian's art is highly prized by connoisseurs and gaining incrementally in value in the international art marketplace.

Back Jacket illustration by Julian Simpole

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