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The second part of Mrs Beeton portfolio, this volume deals exclusively with non sweet dishes and hors'doeuvres. Mrs Beeton was the presiding genius of 19th century cookery and her reputation lives on undiminished in the pages of this book.

Mrs Beeton's Cookbook is the Diamond Jubilee edition which was published in 1897, when the Queen Empress Victoria had been on the throne for 60 years. It forms part of the Impala Victorian series which also includes Mrs Beeton's Cookbook and Never Nonplussed by Peter Keene.


The back and front illustrations are taken from inside colour plates form the Diamond Jubilee Beton Cookbook.
The originals  are in the possession of the Rray and Annette Keene collection and are reproduced with their permission.

Another book from the Victorian age that might be of interest.
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