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Life details Name - Francis Keith Robins Age - 67

Gained A levels in Chemistry and Mathematics. Although I was awarded the school prize in Chemistry for which I chose the book History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell I went to Bradford University and gained a BSc in Maths. I chose mathematics because of my love of numbers and my difficulty of writing essays and reading. This love of numbers was reflected in early memories in my pram of asking what numbers of the houses were. When travelling on the train my mother occupied my mind by setting maths problems. I audited councils for 29 years firstly with the Civil Service then later with the Audit Commission. Before I left work a consultant psychiatrist identified that I thought in a different manner than normal i.e. using set thinking rather than creating perceptions. I took early retirement and continued my research into an objective thinking strategy. I tried to get others interest in my work without success then I searched for a freelance writer due to my poor English and eventually found one on the web in People per Hour to write my work up. My interests include supporting Tranmere Rovers, dancing, walking and playing bridge. I am hypersensitive and have a hyperactive mind which means that I have not read any book cover to cover. The publishers and author wish to thank Alexander Meynell for his contribution in reviewing this work.

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