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2007 World Chess Championship book titled “Vishy’s Victory” is now available. Please click here for further details.

Impala is a new publishing company that offers a diverse range of fascinating  books. Our products include:

1 A 75th anniversary edition of three of the science fiction works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, adorned with art works by an exciting group of new artists and fresh introductions casting a diverse light on Conan Doyle the man and the writer.

2 Conan Doyle's work on spiritualism along with a hitherto unpublished original Conan Doyle diary. No true Conan Doyle fan will wish to miss any of these volumes.

3 The Impala Modern Terrorism Series including Yesterdays Enemy by former SAS officer and terrorism consultant Rupert Chetwynd, and Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent, a stunning novelistic insight into the psyche of the urban terrorist. This celebrated book is furnished with a new introduction by the archivist of The Times newspaper.

4 The Impala Essential History Series includes a book that throws an amazing light on the origins of the First World War -  the autobiography of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the man many regard as personally responsible for the outbreak of hostilities.In this book we observe the  overt  self-admiration and justification for the German  Emperors  despotic instincts  which  helped to fuel the powder keg of European late 19th century politics. No student of the origins of the two World Wars can afford to ignore the spectacular insights divulged by this  work from the hand of  a man who ran  one of the most belligerent  Empires in Europe and  who helped to create its collective neuroses.

5 The Impala Great Victorians Series - while  the Empires of France and Germany rattled their respective sabres against each other, Britain concentrated on forming a vast overseas trading Empire. At home Mrs Beeton became the domestic goddess of her day, and we celebrate her achievement with the 1897 Diamond Jubilee edition of her famous cookbook. Never Nonplussed demonstrates the heroic spirit of Victorian achievement and boundless self confidence in humorous style. Now follow our website to see many other Impala publications.

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